5 Ways To Get More Leads, More Sales and More Customers

For most businesses, it’s not enough to just have a great looking website. You also want your website to contribute to the growth of your business, which typically means that it’s getting you more leads, more sales, or more customers. If you need your website to serve as more than just an online brochure or business card there are online strategies that can help. Depending on the results you want, some of these tools are essential. Keep in mind that not all of these strategies are going to be beneficial to all businesses. To understand which strategies will work best for you talk to an experienced internet marketing consultant.

  • Landing Page With A Call To Action
  • SEO Campaign
  • Lead Generation Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Landing Page With A Call To Action

When a visitor arrives at your website there should be a clear message and specific calls to action based on what you want the visitor to do as a result of viewing your website or landing page. If you are a dentist, for example, and your goal is to receive phone calls from people interested in your services, make sure your phone number is visible at the top of the page. You would also want to have a “request appointment” and/or “contact us” button visible at the top of the page. Putting a contact form directly on the page can also be beneficial.

For businesses with a physical address, if you want customers to come to your location, make the address easy to find.

Always consider what action you want people to take and make that a priority in how your website is designed and laid out. In some cases it will also be beneficial to create landing pages for specific campaigns, such as for a new product launch or a special you are offering to new customers.

SEO Campaign

Search Engine Optimization is essential if you want people to easily find your website via a Google search. If you want to be found on page one of those results, you’re likely going have to put in a lot of effort to get there (depending on how competitive your industry is). An SEO campaign would typically involve making sure your website content is optimized for the keywords you want to target, writing unique content, creating citations, and sometimes link-building. The specific strategy would vary for each business.

Lead Generation Campaign

Online advertising, such as via Google Adwords or Facebook ads, can contribute to an effective lead generation campaign. Lead generation campaigns are a more focused and targeted approach to generating leads, building an email marketing list, or to sale a product. This would typically involve sending people to a landing page designed specifically for achieving the goal of your campaign. A dentist might use this approach to get new patients, a law firm might use this to get qualified leads, a business consultant could use it as a way to build their marketing list.

Social Media Marketing

A lot of people are using social media, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, I