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Need more dental patients?

We specialize in getting more patients into your chair, using online marketing, SEO, and website design.

Need more dental patients - dentist website

As a dentist, you rely on having enough patients to serve, for your business to thrive. You also need a way to get your message out there, to tell your community what makes you different and why they should come to you for all their dental needs. Perhaps you’d even like to focus on attracting patients with specific needs (whether that be cosmetic dental, orthodontics, children’s dental services, etc.).

With an expert in online dental marketing to help you attract more patients, you can relax and focus more on being a great dentist.

By now it’s very clear that the internet has replaced the yellow pages, and print advertising, as the go to source for finding a dentist near you.

We use a multifaceted approach to help you get more patients into your dental chair.

  1. User-friendly website
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Online marketing with Google Ad Campaigns

User-friendly Website

Responsive Website Design for Dentists

There a certain factors that make a website great. We have several years of experience in creating great dental websites.

  • User-friendly: On a dental website it should be easy to find important information such as the phone number, address, contact form, and dental services offered. We optimize websites for an ideal user-experience.
  • Mobile friendly: A website should be just as easily accessible on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, and especially easy to find your contact information and location. We optimize all of our websites to be mobile-friendly, responsive and fast-loading.
  • Fast: While internet connection speed does factor in to the load time of a website, we optimize websites to ensure that it will load as quickly as possible.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an important factor in making your website discoverable by potential customers doing an online search for the services you offer.

Website metadata makes it easier for Google and other search engines to understand what type of content is on each page of your website. SEO involves optimizing that metadata to increase your website’s search engine visibility.

Content is king. Having unique and valuable content on your website is important. For a dentist this would be content that describes the dental services offered. We can help to optimize that content and also have a team of copywriters with experience working in the dental industry.

Local search optimization

Citations are a key factor in helping potential customers in your community find you. Put simply, a citation is an online reference to the name, address and phone number of your business. Google looks for citations in evaluating the online authority of your business. Having key citations in place is important for establishing your online credibility as a business with a physical location. Ultimately it will help your website rank higher when someone is searching for dental services in your local area.

Online marketing with Google Ads campaigns

A Google Ads, pay-per-click, campaign can be an effective way of getting more phone calls from potential dental patients. These ads will be targeted to your local community and specific services offered. We’ll take care of making your phone ring to give your more opportunities to convert those calls into patients.

On average, a $600 monthly ad campaign will result in 10 to 15 additional calls per month. A $1500 monthly ad campaign averages 40 to 60 calls a month. The results will vary based on the competitiveness of ad prices in your specific region.

What would this many additional potential new patient phone calls mean for your dental practice?

Are you ready to invest in the increased success of your dental practice?

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