Discovery questions for new website project

Are you preparing to have a new website created for your business or other project? The following are helpful questions and guidelines to prepare for working with a website developer or designer on a website project. Some projects might be more complex, or more simple, but the following

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“Grow Your Business”: A Monthly Networking Workshop Series

This is a monthly educational networking lunch event for entrepreneurs, business owners and others. Each event will feature information about specific types of tools and strategies to help you grow your business. You will hear from industry experts on internet marketing, branding, social media, lead generation, business strategy

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5 Ways To Get More Leads, More Sales and More Customers

For most businesses, it’s not enough to just have a great looking website. You also want your website to contribute to the growth of your business, which typically means that it’s getting you more leads, more sales, or more customers. If you need your website to serve as

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